Order steps
Step 1
Firstly, ACMAN should know more about the working process. we have a process summary sheet 
to survey the dust collection details:
The dust categories: sticky? moisture? density? concentration? flammable? influence the dust collector choose.

Step 2
Secondly, we should know your airflow and pressure requirements.

if in the HVAC ventilation system, the airflow and pressure depending on the ventilation volume.

if in a dust collection system, the airflow depending on the dust extraction hoods, also should calculate the pipe/duct pressure loss.

Step 3
If the dust extraction system have multi-points, we suggest to design less than 5 points collection. if more than 5 points the airflow balance have more difficulty than usual.

If the dust collector is used for machinery like CNC machine, laser cutting machine, molding machine, mixer, pulverizer, fluid-bed, tableter, 3D printer...
ACMAN have a unique design and equipments fitting for.

*Anti-exlosive device should take more attention on the ZONE 20,21,22.
Step 4
Confirm Drawing
After confirm the technical data, we will provide a drawing to you.

then we will forward to commercial process.

1: Our price is competitive;

2: Our payment method is 30% TT deposit, 70% down payment before shipment;

3: Our delivery time is 4 weeks after received the deposit.

4: Our shipping method is by sea.

5: Our package is export wooden case.

Shipping to Port