Welding Fume Extractor

Welding Fume Extractor

Welding Fume Extractor
Welding Fume Dust Collector 
Welding fume has harmful gases, so the welding fume extractor is necessary while in metal process. 

Thanks to ACMAN's welding dust collector, the factory's atmosphere could be purified, and the welders could keep their health in the working life.

ACMAN provide two solutions for different type of factories: Portable Fume Extraction Unit and Central Collection System.
Portable Fume Extraction Unit
Mobile Fume Extractor for Welding Soldering and On-torch Process
The fume extractor has been proven that extraction at source is the most effective and efficient method of capturing and removing welding fumes. Using this method, the risk of the welder or operator being subject to hazardous fumes is minimized. 

Mobile portable high pressure extraction unit for torch suction with manual dedusting and a maintenance-free continuous run centrifugal fan.
The filter cartridge remains in the unit to prevent dust from reaching the working space. The filter cartridge guarantees a separation efficiency ≥ 99 %.
The extracted dusts are collected in the dust collector. They can be disposed by means of an integrated polyethylene bag (optionally available).

Central Collection System
If there have lots of welding booths, the users are prefer to use a dust collection system. It is suitable for the big 
workpiece welding process, for example, the elevator structure welding, the welding points is discrete,  so the extraction arm need to have a long length.

While designing the fume extraction system, there are some points need to be concern. 

1: ACMAN recommend to use wall mounted type flexible arms, so, it should has a strengthen wall or a steel support;

2: From the pictures view, the pipe design should professional, the distance point should use small diameter pipe, then comes to big, so that it could balance the airflow.

But the central collection system also have disadvantages. Because the flexible arm is too long to hardly move it, at this condition, workers prefer to use the small portable unit.

The dust collector choose depending on the dust categories, for example, if the dust is aluminum which have risk of explosion, ACMAN recommend to use WET SCRUBBER, if normal metal, we recommend dry type pulse jet cartridge dust collector.