HVAC Dust Collection System

HVAC Dust Collection System

HVAC Dust Collection System
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
In cleanroom HVAC system, dust collector is the necessary machine for the ventilation parts before air emitting to the atmosphere. 

In pharmaceutical company, the filtration should reach H13-H14, so it need several filtration parts, from F6 medium filters to H13 HEPA filters. 

ACMAN dust collector often been chosen in HVAC system because of its F9 filters, PTFE filters could reach H14. 

In addition, ACMAN dust collector has centrifugal fan compactly setting on the unit to provide a negative pressure. Also, its pulse reverse system could cleaning the pleated filters for long-life usage.
For example,  A, B, C rooms need air ventilation, A room's space is 32m3, B room is 64m3, C room is 14m3, so,
depending on the air ventilation standards, Class 100000, air exchange rate is 15-25times, Class 10000, air exchange rate is 25-35times, so airflow calculated below:
1: Class 100000, airflow=(32+64+14)*25=2750m3/h, add some coefficient, 2750*1.2=3300m3/h
2: Class 10000, airflow=(32+64+14)*35=3850m3/h, add some coefficient, 3850*1.2=4620m3/h

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