Packing Machine Dust Collector

Packing Machine Dust Collector

Packing Machine Dust Collector
Doypack Pouch Packing Machine Dust Extractor Unit
Thanks to ACMAN's dust extraction unit who had solved doypacking machine dust collection problem in powder pouch packing.

ACMAN had served hundreds of packing machinery factories who engaged in powder packing machine, had received high reputation.

We have 3 types packing machine dust collectors also suitable for given bag packing machine and premade three side sealing packing machine.
One of our customer used this dust extractor for 8 years
Also should consider the explosion device
Anti-explosion device in dust extraction unit
1: Explosion Proof motor fan;

2: Explosion Proof electric cabinet;

3: Anti-explosion solenoid valves;

4: Anti-static filters;

Others needs:

1: Explosion Vent or Flammeless explosion vent;

2: Isolation Valve;

3: Fire extinguishing system.
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