SinterLamellenFilter, Flat Filter Elements, Herding Panels, UHMWPE Porous Air Filter, Delta2 1500 9, Aritikel Nr S-27721
SinterLamellenFilter, Flat Filter Elements, Herding Panels, UHMWPE Porous Air Filter, Delta2 1500 9,  Aritikel Nr S-27721
Herding Delta2 SinterLamellenFilter



SinterLamellenFilter, Flat Filter Elements, Herding Panels, UHMWPE Porous Air Filter, Delta2 1500 9,  Aritikel Nr S-27721
UHMW-PE Sinterlamellenfilter advantages

SinterLamellenFilter technology bases on pure surface filtration. It sustainably protects man and machine from harmful production emissions and enables absolutely sort- and contamination-free material recovery. This increases directly your productivity.

Lowest clean gas values, absolutely constant operating conditions, highest availability and energy efficiency are key features of the innovative technology. Sintered PE Surface filter elements show extreme durability and, depending on the process, long service life times of more than 15 years. Thereby the filters make a valueable contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.

Sintered PE Surface filter elements have proven themselves for decades in effective and safe particle separation in almost all areas of industry . Even with finest grain sizes, energy-efficient air recirculation is possible in most cases, proven even with toxic dust.

Sinter plate filter 
Pure surface filtration due to PTFE embedded in the PE-matrix and non-flexible filter media
No penetration and deposition of dust particles in pores
Rigid body design
No wear and tear on the media due to movement (contraction during suction, expansion during cleaning)
Long operational life time up to 10 years possible
Low maintenance costs
Filter elements can not fall down into the silo due to screwed mounting and no breaking of elements
No tearing of element possible

Two screw mounting system and lower number of elements

 Quick change of filter elements without the need for extra equipment (crane)
Perfectly suited for product recovery as medium is free of lints or fibres that could get loose
no danger of textile getting loose and contaminating the product

Sinter-plate filter advantage:

l  Filter element lifetime of up to 15 years possible

l  Low maintenance costs due to long useful life of the filter elements

l  Constant pressure drop guarantees consistent air flow

l  High separation efficiency due to surface filtration 

l  Clean gas emissions <1.0 mg/m3

l  Compact rigid body generates a robust filter design

l  Filter medium: capable to be washed, recycled and refurbished

l  Universal mounting from the raw- or clean gas side of the filter unit

l  Horizontal or vertical installation possible

l  Filter medium absolutely free of fibers, ideal for product recovery

l  Excellent use for highly abrasive dusts

l  Antistatic version of the filter elements available

l  FDA-conformity by using food-grade filter material

Surface filtration vs  Deep filtration
Bag filters/cartridge pleated filters
-deep filtration 
Traditional filters like bag filter and cartridge filter have high efficiency when the surface dust accumulated, when the pulse-jet working the efficiency will drop, so the pressure is not stable, in some special conditions, it is not suitable.
sinter-plate filters
-surface filtration
The sinter plate filter have a PTFE coating on the PE basis, so do not need dust cake to block the other dusts.
when the pulse-jet working, the efficiency will not influenced by the original conditions.
it is called surface filtration.
Filter anatomical structure/working principle
Big filtration area
The plicated design of the sinter-plate filter have big filtration area. our 500*1500mm size filter has 4.75m2.
so the dust collector could design small and that could save lots of space for the company. also, the rigid structure making all the folding area effective.
Sinter-plate inside view

UHMWPE base material: 30um@4mm thick;

PTFE coating:  2-3um@5um thick.
Technical Data
L (mm) 
W (mm)
D (mm) 
Filter Area (m2) 
Weight (kg) 
Delta2 500 
Delta2 750 
Delta2 1000 
Delta2 1500 
N: Normal; A: Anti-static. 
T1: Less than 70°C; T2: Less than 100°C.
For example, Delta2 1500 AT1 means length1500mm, anti-static, less than 70°C filter element.
Customer application
Central Dust Collection-Dedusting

Bunker Top Mounted Filter

Bulk Solids Handing-Product Recovery

Dumping Station-Powder Filling

Laser cut process sinter-plate filter dust collection
Laser cutting machine are widely used in metal process all over the world. but the laser cutter will cause fume, dusts, sparks and other components if the cutting material is non-metal.

So ACMAN provide a sinter-plate filter dust collection solution, on the duct before into the dust collector, we design a spark arrestor to prevent the spark come in and cooling the dust.

By using sinter-plate dust collector, customer do not need to change the filters for several years.

In addition, the emission could reach 10 mg emission.
Rare metal dust recycle dust collection
Thanks to the sinter-plate filters's great characteristics of surface filtration and wear-proof function, it could be used in the rare metal or other priceless  powder recycle.

For example, the golden mine pulverizer, the silver powder recycle, zinc metal spray coating in electric elements(metal spray machine)...

Also, the 3D printer for metal, also need recycle the rare print material powder, we have application case.

This system we applied in the zinc powder recycling, and our sinter-plate dust collector help customer to catch the zinc powder dust, and save lot of cost. 
Pharma coater sinter-plated filter dust extractor
Pharma coating process including fluidized bed coating and film coating  machine need dust extraction unit because the coater itself have hot gas inlet, so the machine body need air recirculation collection.

This equipment in the picture shows the coater dust collection including the high pressure centrifugal fan.

The coating machine have explosive atmosphere, so we need to concern the anti-explosive measures.

In addition, this process have a cleaning mode after working, so the moisture atmosphere is harm for the dust rooms, ACMAN has its way...
Mining dust collection system
   Mining process means the dust is sharp and high concentration. Other filter bags and cartridge filters is not suitable for this working condition.
  Sinter-plate filter main material is rigid PE, so it is wear-proof and do not scare of the high concentration.
Iron and steel industry 
  Steel hot rolling process need water to cool the hot iron, the mist contain dust is a difficult task.
Sinter-plate board filter have anti-water characteristics, so it could process high moisture dusts and acid dusts.
Painting industry
  Paint is strict process which need silicon proof.  the silicon could make the painting bubble, so when mixing process and reaction process need dust collection filter without silicon.
  Sintered PE filter do not contain the silicon could protect the products.