Vibrating Sieve Machine Dust Collector, Vibrate Screen Dust Extraction System with Hood
Vibrating Sieve Machine Dust Collector, Vibrate Screen Dust Extraction System with Hood



Vibrating Sieve Machine Dust Collector, Vibrate Screen Dust Extraction System with Hood
Not only for mining rock vibrating sieve machine, but also for the pharma herb vibrating screen machine, it need to design a big dust extraction hood where has lots of dust emission.
ACMAN design a dust collection system for herb screen machine as an example:
This is a small system for small screen machine.  but ACMAN design a compact dust collector with dust extraction hood, dust collector filter and centrifugal fan.

Dust Collector Introduction
Normally, ACMAN compact dust collector consist of 3 main parts:upper part, middle part and bottom part.

1: Upper part: The upper part is the centrifugal fan room that provide the airflow and pressure. 
                      ACMAN's use horizontal volute fan design, which could have stable airflow, low noise.
                      Inside of the upper room, there has sound-absorb cotton to minimize the noise, 75db.
2: Middle part: The middle part is the cleaning mechanism for the filter. Pulse-jet system is widely used.
                       Back flow compressed air could jet into the inside of filters in a short time could clean the
                       filters continuously by solenoid valve and timer.
                       the compressed air source need to connect to the regulators is 0.4-0.6Mp. 

3: Bottom part: Bottom part is the filtration part and dust bin/drawer part. The filter using high efficiency
                        pleated cartridge filters, details see blew choice; the dust bin or drawer design is 
                        depending on the dust concentration.

+: Accessories options: Ultra-high pressure centrifugal fan; Hepa filters for second filtration step; 
                                   Vibration cleaning mechanism; Different filter options; anti-explosive device;
                                   Movable set/stable feet; Dust drawer/dust bin...

Easy for Control

1:Control the centrifugal fan;

2:Automatically control the timer;

3:Remote control mode options;

4:Differential pressure gauge;

5:Power/running indicator.

Pulse-jet Air Back Flow System

Jet system including the filter regulator, compressed air tank, solenoid valves, jet tubes and unique venturi...making the filter clean and renewable

High Efficiency Pleated Filters

1: Normal polyester filters;

2: Polyester filter+PTFE coating;

3: Anti-static/flammable filters;

4: Anti-water/oil filters;

5: Big brand filters: TORAY, AAF...


1: Compact design(fan+jet system+filters+dust bin) saving lots of space for factories;
2: Larger filter areas than bag filter dust collector, because of its pleated cartridge filters;
3: Filters could renewable, the pulse-jet system keep the filters cleaning in a regular time;
4: Various of filter types, suitable for different working conditions;
5: Easy for maintenance: the filters are easy to change and only should remove dust regularly;
6: Less power consumptions: the centrifugal fan's design could provide high pressure and big airflow, the motor is E2 efficiency.                                  
7: Air consumption is low: the compressed air consumption for pulse-jet is lower than baghouse;
8: Wide applications: it can catch fine dust in most of industrials, and removes dust from pulverizing and grinding, crushing, sanding, powder injection and sealing, severing and cutting, stone and metal work, cutting work, substrate work and welding work... but moisture/sticky dust;
9: The efficiency is about F9 grade, if have HEPA secondary filtration, the efficiency is about H13;
10: Lower Noise, with sound proof sponge and centrifugal fan isolation box;
11: Material: 2mm SS400 carbon steel with powder coating or  stainless steel SUS304.
Save Money By Converting to Pleated Filter Dust Collector
converting from traditional bags and cages often brings many benefits:
Improve Operation – Increase             Capacity, Decrease Emissions

Use Less Compressed Air to Clean Filters

Pleated Filters Last Longer Than Bags

Reduce Total Number of Filters in Unit

Easier Installation – Faster Changeout, Less System Downtime, Lower Labor Costs

Reduce Filter Abrasion and Lower Grain Loading

Reduce Inventory – Consolidate Several Different Filters Into One Style